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My Diary

5th of May

Hey, all right and how's it going? Around here the current flows in the same exhausting direction, last Monday was a holiday and there were more family gatherings besides this month Corinthians has gone from bad to worse, in the relegation zone and almost eliminated from all the main competitions, the team it has no harmony, no project or any lapse of creativity if I wasn't so passionate about this club almost since I've known myself as a person I would most likely have taken a break from football.

Other things that are happening are the countless works and college tests of all subjects that are extremely tiring, videos, tables, presentations and programs, on the other hand at least we can if we deliver them all as quickly as possible we will be able to go on vacation in June , I have liked it here, in fact, even if it changes many times to be very social or the opposite, it depends a lot on my mood when I wake up. My older brother's relationship with my mother has been deteriorating recently because of him failing to pass the job interview he had arranged, he seemed frustrated and angry while talking about my mother ruining his life and various other similar things, I feel really bad for this.

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15th of May

Hi guys, another week went by and certain things happened, first we delivered all the work in my group, I did the easiest part which was a presentation of an invention of an imaginary start-up with resumes, the company's logo, its objective and more, the imaginary company practically consists of 3 models of robots focused on the education of children who are within the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, the idea is really good because it is a project with a foundation since I have an aunt who made a game that teaches personal hygiene to children in the same situation.

I feel relatively guilty since while I had people in charge of doing a mega-extensive java job I only had to do a video and a presentation, anyway I think we did pretty well overall.

The 10th was my brother's birthday and I forgot to call him with that amount of work, I remembered when it was already late, I bought him a jigsaw puzzle that I will deliver on the 20th when we meet at my father's house

23rd of May

Hey how are you, this weekend I went to the beach, most specifically Guaruj√° and it was great, I missed a lot going to the beach, the summer breeze, the street vendors, it's truly one of my favorite places to be, also I phoned my aunt that was responsible of the work concerning autistic children and it's hygiene, I asked her to helpe me with my schoolwork and see if she approved my work and thank god she thought it was really great and said she could help me throughout this year and gave me some tips about how to better it.

Also we celebrated my brother's birthday and I gave him the puzzle but I also remembered that he loves pokemon cards so I gave him all that I still had with me because honestly I won't use it anymore and don't use it in some 8/9 years and he loved it, he was truly excited and played for hours with it the only problem was that the younger brother was arguing a lot that he wanted as well, I said that he would receive it when his birthday came in but overall it was really nice, college is still the same and things did not changed that much

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