Wasted Lives

Author:Zygmunt Bauman


Wasted Lives is a book written by Zygmunt Bauman that makes a sociological analysis of our current society and how it ended up being that way, liquid, fast and hypercommercialized, I personally found the criticism not only valid but very accurate.

However, it is already correct with the vision and lens of the world in which the book was published, in 2003, so I was able to perceive reading during the book that all the aspects that Bauman mentioned and criticized 20 years ago only intensified.

I liked the book because it deals with several themes that intertwine to give a general overview of refuse, garbage and how there is not only a social, political and economic crisis, as in our current society there is a crisis of garbage, of all types but I would say that mainly the human treated like garbage, an army of rejects who try at all costs to reach the top who just want to exclude him back

There are many parallels that can be drawn from 2003 onwards with these intensifications in the garbage crisis, refugees from Syria and North Africa to Europe and the refusal of several European countries to welcome them to strengthen their position as a Sovereign State, his critique of the old speed dating model with current dating app models, their characteristics, the parasocial relationships of models from Only Fans to V-tubers for example (there's a great video from the Glink channel exploring both topics) and maybe a near future artificial intelligences for relationships as idealized in the (great) movie Her by Spike Jonze.

Overall it's a great book that has stood the test of time with an accurate review, for me it's well worth it and I want to read Liquid Love next but I'd also like to cite a scene that occurred where an elderly man complimented me and asked me if it was hard to read this book on the subway where these criticisms are evident, I thanked him and it was a rather funny scene.
Thanks for reading :)